Ceramic Mug – Blue & White Dot Design


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Handmade ceramic tea or coffee mug with dark blue and white dotty design.

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Handmade ceramic tea or coffee mug with dark blue and white dotty design.

The perfect mug to enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon tea.

The process
My ceramic mugs are made from white porcelain clay rolled out flat into slabs. Each mug shape is cut out by hand and formed into the body of the mug. I leave the seam visible where I join the sides of the mug, as part of the design. A circular shape is cut and added for the base and a strip of clay is cut, curved and added for the handle. Each mug has my maker’s mark tile.

The mugs are high-fired in the kiln to 1000 degrees (the bisque fire) which dries and strengthens the mug sufficiently for it to be glazed. I use wax and paper resists, slips and underglazes to decorate each mug, before finishing with a clear glaze and firing them again to 1250 degrees.

Each mug is individually crafted so no two are exactly alike. The process of using slabs of clay results in each mug having an irregular shape (rather than perfectly circular), which gives each mug it’s own character and unique personality, and adds to its charm.

This listing is for one blue and white spot ceramic mug.

Handmade in my studio in Emsworth in the south of England.

Please note: These mugs will be handmade especially for you and it will take approx 2/3 weeks for them be ready to be despatched.


Approximate dimensions:

Diameter: 90mm
Height: 80mm
Volume: 200ml


Care instructions:

Dishwasher and microwave safe.